Contract Surveillance Services

Contract Surveillance Services
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Contract Surveillance Services
Off-Site Monitoring
Contract Surveillance Services or CSS as it is known was born out of Modular Communications SA.
CSS was envisaged as a concept in 1998 where the idea of having a control room which could connect to a camera system on a remote client site, could be viewed and monitored in a controlled environment under a strict regime of procedures with a standardised response to on-incidents
You could say our control room is in the cloud
as we can connect to your site practically anywhere in South Africa.
Over the past 10 years CSS has honed its service to offer, remote offsite monitoring of CCTV,
Fire Alarm and Intrusion Detection System. Our monitoring contracts are structured to fulfil your specific monitoring needs, tailored to meet your site requirements. In general, we offer an “always connected” and interactive connection with onsite management and guarding activities to ensure site supervision, reaction to intrusion or emergency situations and site access control.
Contract Surveillance Services prides themselves on our quality monitoring mangement and servicing of our clients
Therefore giving them the best off-site monitoring services

Initially our control room was based upon Dallmeier CCTV systems with the SMAVIA client interface in our control room, this is still the case where real time images are displayed and alarms are handled via the Pguard Dallmeier alarm management suite.
In addition to this, CSS has developed a unique interface so that the majority of camera makes and models can be connected to our control room through a standard user interface. This makes for a more efficient workstation for our operators and a more unified approach to procedures, incident responses and support.

As much time as we spend on technology so we do the same for the control room procedures as well as the response our operators need to take in the event of an activity or emergency.

Our standard procedures comply to the SAIDSA requirements for CCTV offsite control rooms as well as clients and site-specific procedures. The procedures are a core component in making the Offsite Monitoring service feasible and justifiable to our clients. In addition to the procedures we send our clients daily reports in which all activities are reported with exceptions on the report for the client’s action.

We have established a separate network for the handling of remote Fire alarm. For this we have implemented a dual GSM network transmitter on site connected to base station receiver. As mentioned, this is a GSM service and is managed in a VPN private network and therefore not susceptible to the congestion of the cellular network.

 The base station is connected to the Listener alarm control room software which is specifically designed for the alarm industry with full interactive user controls and instructions and all events and actions are logged. As part of this service we enforce client weekly testing to comply to the SANS standard requirement.

The way we communicate to sites around the country form an integral part of the functioning of the control room. We utilise many different technologies and service providers to optimise our connectivity and redundancy to all of our remote sites. We have a direct fibre optic connection to Telkom’s Metro Ethernet which by-passes many of the smaller distribution points, connecting directly to the main Telkom regional exchange.

This is our own VPN private network into the national Telkom network, in addition to this we utilise GSM connectivity which is separate from the cellular network and not subject to congestion. As a fall over and general service we have a TIDS fibre optic internet connection which also by-passes the normal business internet connectivity infrastructure and is more secure.

We do not monitor domestic alarms. So, for our industrial and commercial clients we also monitor external alarms which could be from AcoustAlert PIDS system, outdoor PIR detection systems, electric fence alarms and virtually any type of service to which you want monitored and action taken in event of an unwanted situation.  The alarm monitoring is also done over the GSM and listener management and control system..

Our sales department is available to assist with quoting for your specific offsite monitoring service from a full 24/7 service, afterhours, weekends, public holidays service or monitoring on a purely reactive basis to onsite alarms with visual connectivity to verify alarms.

 If you don’t have systems in place we can do a site risk assessment with design, supply and installation of new services. If you have equipment in place we can quote to interface to these systems for remote monitoring.

 We can also develop a service and maintenance SLA with you to make sure your equipment always operates at optimal levels. Please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our sales consultants will be happy to assist you.
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Contract Surveillance Services
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